Digital VaccineTM for Cyber Breaches
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“We use an unprecedented Digital VaccineTM powered with AI, ML, Human Intelligence and rich set of playbooks to insulate businesses from the pandemic of evolving cyber breaches.”

A global organization, prospering for over a decade with experience in delivering cloud & cyber security services.

We are an ISO 27001 certified organization, accredited by the Ministry of Oman (MTCIT).

A single stop shop for Cloud & Cyber security solutions .


The most sought-after partner of global customers by delivering excellence in end-to-end enterprise security solutions and services.


Uncover implicit needs of customers thus to provide modernized and authenticated solutions with consistency.



We reckon excellence as organizational identify of securado in every aspects and deed


At Securado, every decision is made with the purpose of inclusive growth of customer business and our employees


We maintain the highest level of integrity that aligns all forces in achieving our vision

Our Clients

Today, Securado’s deep focus in technology insures over 150s customer and 800 engagements; where each happy customer has an average of 7 repeat engagements. Our portfolio cuts across Government & Private sector, Banking, Education, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Retail and many more to name a few.