Digital Vaccine

Redefine the limits of your cyber defense by immunizing critical business assets using Securado’s Digital VaccineTM

Keeping technology excellence as our signature. The Digital VaccineTM is preloaded with rich set of automated remediation scripts that elevates the immunity of every business on boarded to our Next Generation Cyber Defense Platform. We call it invincible.

Scurado’s Next Generation Cyber Defense Platform is featured with Real-time detection of risk, automated remediation of security incidents, and an integrated stack of security controls that are premise and vendor agnostic.

The sturdiness, resilience, and continuous innovation of the cyber defense platform offer the real sense of protection from complex and evolving cyber breaches.

Timely vaccination saves futuristic regrets.

Get the Vax now. Pay later.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

The static risks assessment across applications, architecture, and risk are performed with modernized and intelligent tools, frameworks, skills, and maturity.

A detailed report is delivered that calls out:

  • What is doing good
  • What needs improvement
  • Plan for change
Next Gen SOC

Engaging cyber security controls and actions without having real-time visibility of risks leads to significant cost leakages.

Securado’s Next Gen SOC uses cutting edge technologies, use cases, automated remediation scripts, and human intelligence (X-Labs) that redefines the contours of any traditional SOC. The 24/7 detection and remediation relieve businesses from any apprehensions of risk or overspending on security controls.

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Adaptive Cloud Security Stack (ACS Stack)

Digital transformation and multi-cloud adoption fuels IT road map of many businesses today.

An intelligence-powered technology stack as a single cloud Gateways the answer for cost reduction, simplification, quick time to value and saves businesses from the spent on irrelevant security controls.

The ACS stack, which is vendor and premise agnostic, eliminates redundant investment of security controls when businesses subscribe to multi cloud environment.

ACS stack overcomes the limitation of choosing available security controls from respective cloud marketplace by offering the flexibility of availing the desired brand of security controls out of a single stack.

While Next Gen SOC offers real time visibility of risk, context specific security controls are dynamically engaged out of ACS Stack.

The degree of defense of Cyber Security is measured by the skill to integrate, automate, technology management and analytics in defending potential breachers. Securado’s ACS Stack, Next Gen SOC, X-Labs and CyberOps address all the above qualifiers through an integrated cyber defense platform.