ERP as Managed Service

Securado’s digitally vaccinated ERP seamlessly integrates all business functions and departments.

Leverage ERP as a catalyst to establish system, process, and integration touchpoints for a simplified user and customer experience.

The value, attributes and benefits are listed below.

  • The myth of integrated and scalable ERP not being affordable for businesses of all sizes is ruled out.
  • Unfolding the values of an integrated ERP customized for your business.
  • Choose from many modules and flexible to add more as you progress.
  • All innate security vulnerabilities of ERP are fully addressed with Securado expertise – your business data is safer than ever.
  • Quick implementation and easy deployment – reduced time to value.
  • Embedded Analytics and Business Intelligence.
  • Knock out any upfront investment needed for license, infrastructure, implementation,and maintenance – ERP offered as managed service from Securado.