Digital Vaccine for Cyber Breaches

Managed Cyber
Defense Platform


A suite of well-timed Cyber Security service offerings, Securado’s Next Gen Cyber Defense Platform is an unprecedented Digital VaccineTM that immunize businesses from the rising pandemic of evolving cyber breaches.

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Digital VaccineTM

Redefine the limits of your cyber defense by immunizing critical business assets using Securado’s Digital Vaccine. Keeping technology excellence as our signature.

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Security & Risk Consulting

Securado offers a comprehensive security and risk consulting services to secure your business assets from the risk of wrong diagnostics and untimely remediation.

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Managed Security Services

Securado envision to bring cloud and cyber security services affordable to businesses of all sizes. We deliver security services as Opex model for customers to save huge upfront investments.

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Professional Services

Securado’s professional services deliver cloud and cyber security needs of businesses. Our architects build solutions and place a full stop after multipliers.

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP)–as Managed Service

Securado’s digitally vaccinated ERP seamlessly integrates all business functions and departments. Leverage ERP as a catalyst to establish system, process, and integration touchpoints for a simplified user and customer experience.

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